Department of Surgery  Dental Section

ISHRI offers comprehensive dental services, which are provided by a team of highly trained and experienced dentists. ISHRI dental services are supported by laboratory, radiology and operating room facilities for performing procedures under general anaesthesia

The section offers the following range of dental health services at competitive prices:
1.         Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery;
2.         Orthodontics (Braces);
3.         Paediatric Dentistry;
4.         Prosthodontics (Crown, Bridge and Dentures);
5.         Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment);
6.         Dental Implants;
7.         Restorative Dentistry;
8.         Cosmetic Dentistry;
9.         Teeth Whitening (Bleaching).
Dental Clinics are available in the basement floor